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Browse our comfortable, well-appointed accommodations and choose the housing option that best suit your preferences.
All UDayton Global graduate students are required to live in program-managed housing for the duration of their UDayton Global program.
All accommodations come fully furnished, with the following included in housing fees: 
  • Utilities
  • Wifi
  • Full kitchen
  • Furnishings
  • 24-hour residence support 
  • On-site Resident Advisor

More amenities for your warm welcome! Travel light and arrive on campus with all the essentials covered, ready to go in your accommodations. Request basic linens and toiletries, complimentary for all international students, or add on kitchen and organizational items for an even more streamlined move-in experience.
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Career Premium
Amazing careers start during university! Virtual internships and trainings kickstart your strong future. 

An add-on to Shorelight’s Career Services, Career Premium enables international students to take additional courses that lead to certificates, attend exclusive training workshops, and apply for virtual internship opportunities. Take training courses that lead to certification in Amazon Web Services, Java, Microsoft Azure, and Python, among other in-demand programs. Explore entry-level work in banking, business analytics, data science, digital marketing, finance, gaming, venture capital, and more growing industries. Develop industry-specific skills and cultural competencies, grow your professional network, and be mentored by experts. Plus, international students remain eligible for the full duration of Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) after completing Career Premium.
  • Certificates and training – attend online professional bootcamps before your virtual internship starts
  • Coaching and mentorship – receive direct guidance from career coaches and industry experts
  • Apply – work on real-life projects for leading employers and build your portfolio

You will be notified of your housing placement before arrival.

All UDayton Global graduate students are required to live in housing for the duration of their program.

* Review the Enrollment Contract for more information about this requirement.  

I have read and agreed to the enrollment contract listed here. I understand the amounts listed for tuition and fees, housing, dining, and insurance are based on projected costs and are subject to change without advance notice. All students are responsible for paying the full balances shown on their final statements of fees as a condition of continued enrollment and progression.