Gonzaga Global Housing Form - Undergraduate

Gonzaga University prides itself on being a residential campus. The research shows that students who live on campus and participate in a meal plan are more successful in college than those who do not take advantage of these occasions. Housing and Dining halls are places where students bond and form lasting relationships that help them in life beyond college. Several of our alumni have commented about the lifelong relationships they have formed because of the residential campus experience. Aligned with Gonzaga University’s policy, Gonzaga Global requires first and second-year students to live on-campus and participate in a meal plan. 

'Deposit ID' is the eight (8) digit number found on the third page of your conditional offer letter in the Payment Instruction Section. Be sure to include all zeros at the beginning of the number.

Based on your age you are considered an Upper Division student. This means that living on-campus housing is not required. Please note that Upper Division housing is not guaranteed. If you are still interested in living on campus, please complete the following steps:
  1. Login to my.gonzaga.edu
  2. Then go to the ZagLiving website: https://zagliving.gonzaga.edu/StarRezPortalX/login
  3. Choose “Application” tab
  4. Select the appropriate Academic year
  5. If there is Housing available you will be able to select a room, otherwise, you will be added to the waitlist. Students who secure housing using this process must pay for housing and dining fees separately through their Zagweb account.
Off-Campus Housing
Gonzaga Global does not provide off-campus housing at this time.

For off-campus housing options please visit: https://gonzagaoffcampus.org/. We also recommend searching via websites such as: apartments.com, rent.com, and Zillow.com.

Dining Plans - Upper Division 

Dining Plans are available for Upper Division students.

* Review the Enrollment Contract for more information about this requirement.

Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Global seek your feedback to place you in housing and dining that is the best fit for your needs and lifestyle. Please submit this Housing and Dining Preference Form with the other forms sent with your Conditional Acceptance Packet. Please note that while housing is guaranteed for first-year students, we cannot promise we will be able to match each student with their preferred housing option.

Amenities: All housing options are fully furnished and include WiFi access and in-building laundry. All buildings have access to a community kitchen where students can cook their own meals. Read each option for more details.
Option A: Traditional Double
Students choosing this option will live with one other student in the room. Bathrooms (showers and toilets) are shared with residents on each floor and are single gender. Some rooms may have a sink.

You can see an example here!
Option B: Traditional Double - Coughlin*
*Students choosing this option will be placed in the Global Citizenship Living Learning Community.

Students will share a bedroom with one other student. Bathrooms (showers and toilets) are shared with residents on each floor and are single gender.

There are some housing options that mention Living Learning Communities (LLCs). Please take a minute to read the below about LLCs at Gonzaga. 

Gonzaga's Living-Learning Communities are themed housing options, designed for students who are interested in expanding their communities alongside others outside of the classroom. 

What are the benefits?
  • Live with people who share your interests
  • Interact with faculty and staff regularly outside of the classroom
  • Experience what it means to live in community with others
  • Challenge yourself to critically engage with the world around you
  • Take a class together with students who live in the same Residence Hall

To complete your housing selection, put "1" next to your first choice for housing type. Put "2" next to your second choice for housing type.
Your First and Second Preferences
Housing Options
Option A: Traditional Double
Option B: Traditional Double - Coughlin

Please rank your preference on Living Learning Community in Coughlin Hall. Put “1” next to your first choice, put “2” next to your second choice, etc.
Global Citizenship
People for & With Others
Cura Personalis
Learns To Lead
Engineering & Computer Science
Outdoor Pursuits

Helpful Definitions:
  • Swipes: 1 Swipe = 1 entrance into one of the dining halls.
  • Bulldog Bucks: Bulldog Bucks is a value account managed by the University. Bulldog Bucks roll over from semester to semester and year to year. They are included in the residential meal plans. You or family and friends can add money to your account at any time (family and friends just need your GU ID number). Bulldog Bucks provide a convenient secure way to make purchases with vendors who participate in the program, both on campus and off campus.
Note: If a plan is not selected, All Access is the default plan.
Option 1: All Access
  • Swipes into the Dining Hall: Unrestricted
  • Guest swipes per semester: 6 swipes
  • Bulldog Bucks: $500
Option 2: Meal Plan A
  • Swipe into the Dining Hall: 14/week
  • Guest swipes per semester: 6 swipes
  • Bulldog Bucks: $950
Option 3: Meal Plan B
  • Swipe into the Dining Hall: 14/week
  • Guest swipes per semester: 6 swipes
  • Bulldog Bucks: $800
Option 4: Meal Plan C
  • Swipes into the Dining Hall: 14/week
  • Guest swipes per semester: 6 swipes
  • Bulldog Bucks: $650
Dining Options

The completion of this form is a condition of your acceptance.

* Review the Enrollment Contract HERE for more information about this requirement.