Dayton Undergraduate Housing Form

Date of Birth

'Deposit ID' is the eight (8) digit number found on the third page of your conditional offer letter in the Payment Instruction Section. Be sure to include all zeros at the beginning of the number.

Important Things To Know About Housing
  • Living in on-campus housing will enhance your university experience and is required for your first two years.
  • UDayton Global students are required to pay their first-year housing and dining fees along with tuition in full two weeks before Move-in Day as listed on their statement of fees.
  • Refer to the Housing Costs page for the most current housing costs.
  • Housing placement is based on:
  • Your Preference
  • Availability of housing
  • How early your deposit is made
  • Please note that while housing is guaranteed, we cannot promise we will be able to match each student with their preferred housing option.
  • The university takes many factors into consideration when placing students into housing. You will be placed into the best housing option for you. Housing costs may vary depending on your specific situation.
  • All housing options are fully furnished and include cable/Wifi access and in-building laundry.
Rank Your On-Campus Housing Options
To complete this form, please put a "1" next to your first preference and a "2" next to your second preference to indicate you understand the housing cost. Students will be required to pay for additional semesters of housing depending on program length.

Housing - Undergraduate Students
Your First and
 Second Preference
Housing Option
Option A: Traditional
Option B: Upper Division (Age 21+)

Housing Bedding Bundle Options

Our Luxury Bedding Bundle includes superior quality bedding and bathroom essentials, room organization and decor, plus kitchen essentials ($800).

Our Premium Bedding Bundle includes high quality bedding and bathroom essentials, plus organizational items ($400).

Our complimentary Standard Bedding Bundle provides bedding and bath essentials for your first night on campus. Items may vary by campus.
Rank Your Dining Plan Options
Your housing option must be paired with a Dining Plan option. Undergraduate students can choose between a Standard Plan or a Flexible Plan. Both are priced the same.

Standard Plan: Provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner, (7) days a week, with set meal plan hours and spending allowances. The plan resets every day and any unused meals are forfeited.  This plan includes $150 bonus debit dollars that can be used to cover meals exceeding the allowance or to purchase an item when you do not want to use an entire meal.

Flexible Plan: Provides complete flexibility in student dining, essentially functioning as a debit account.  There are no meal hours or spending allowances. The student can eat whenever they want, as many times a day as they want. Purchases are deducted from the dining account as they occur.

Please indicate "1" for first preference and "2" for second preference to indicate which dining plan you would prefer. Please note if no preferences are indicated , a dining plan will be a assigned to you.
Dining Preference Section
Your First and
Second Preference


Standard Plan

Flexible Plan
Career Premium
What Is Career Premium? 

As an add-on program to Shorelight’s Career Services, Premium enables students to take additional courses that lead to certificates, attend exclusive training workshops, and be matched with virtual internship opportunities.
Learn More about Career Premium Services HERE

Option A: I would like to enroll in the Career Premium Program: $2,000 one-time payment
Option B: I am not interested at this time: $0

The completion of this Dayton Undergraduate Housing Application Form is a condition of your acceptance.

* Review the Enrollment Contract for more information about this requirement.