Adelphi Manhattan Housing Form

'Deposit ID' is the eight (8) digit number found on the third page of your conditional offer letter in the Payment Instruction Section. Be sure to include all zeros at the beginning of the number.

The Adelphi Global M.B.A. program does not offer any on-campus housing options, which means all Global M.B.A Manhattan students will live off-campus. However, as an Adelphi M.B.A. student, you have the option to select housing through Adelphi International. You may also choose to find your own housing accommodations. Please read this form carefully to determine the best option for you, and indicate whether you wish to ‘Opt-In’ or ‘Opt-Out’ of Adelphi International affiliated off-campus housing (EHS St. George) by checking one of the boxes below.

Students can ‘Opt-In’ to live at EHS St. George. EHS St. George is the ONLY off-campus residence that is affiliated with Adelphi International  we will handle booking for you, provide an on-site Adelphi Residence Advisor, and students choosing this option will receive a linen pack and a toiletry kit. For more information about St. George please see the ‘EHS St.George – Additional Information’ section below. 

Students can ‘Opt-Out’ of EHS St. George. If students Opt-Out they understand that they are responsible for booking their own housing. For more information on where you can live if you opt-out of EHS St. George housing, see the ‘Opt-out options – Additional Information’ section below.

Academic English Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 cost is $4400 for housing plus the cost of the program (costs are subject to change).  Refer to for most up-to-date costs). Please note housing for Fall is limited and your preference is not guaranteed.  Students may need to move housing between the Fall and Spring semesters. 

Housing Options

*By checking the above box, you are requesting that the Adelphi International student services team reserve a room for you at the EHS St. George Residence. The housing fees will be added to your overall program cost and reflected on your statement of fees. You acknowledge that you are responsible for paying all program related fees, including housing fees, prior to arrival. Failure to pay your housing fee will result in immediate dismissal from housing, and you will be required to arrange for separate housing accommodations.

*By checking the above box, you agree and understand that you are opting out of Adelphi International affiliated housing at the EHS St. George. You understand that you are wholly responsible for finding and securing your own housing prior to arrival.


Adelphi International students who opt-in to live at EHS St. George will be living in the upscale, safe, and diverse neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights in NYC. St. George is a short subway ride away from the Adelphi Manhattan Center.

Amenities include:

Private bathroom, standard student furniture, flat screen TV with premium channels, WiFi, air conditioning, heat, and basic utilities, 24-hour main entry security desk and surveillance, key card entry into building and room, shared kitchen space, fitness center, laundry facilities, study rooms, communal areas, including a movie screening room, and professional live-in staff.

St. George Double: 

Room at ADU St George Double

EHS St. George Costs: 


Fall 2017

Spring 2018

Summer 2018

Fall 2018

Cost per Semester





*Housing prices are subject to change.



If you are looking for a Midtown experience with the typical hustle and bustle lifestyle of NYC, we recommend living at EHS New Yorker, a central location close to everything you need! The residence is only steps away from Penn Station and a 15-minute subway ride from the Manhattan Center.

Amenities include:

-        24-hour main entry security desk and surveillance, AC, heat, basic utilities, ATM in building, communal kitchens, fitness center, flat screen TV, key-card entry into building and rooms, laundry facilities in building, mail and package services, premium TV channels, small refrigerator, private bathroom, WiFi, study rooms, and vending machines.

How do I book a room at EHS New Yorker?

If you wish to live at EHS New Yorker, you must contact EHS directly to book your room. To secure housing with EHS you must visit, click on “Book Now”, and fill out all required information.


OPT-OUT OPTION 2: Find your own off-campus housing

If you do not wish to live at either of the EHS locations, you can choose to live in an off-campus housing location of your choice. Choosing this option means that students understand that they are 100% responsible for finding and booking their own housing prior to arrival.

How do I book off-campus housing?

If you wish to find your own housing, we suggest that you start your search as early as possible. If you need help getting started with your off-campus housing search, please refer to the "Adelphi International Off-Campus Housing Guide: M.B.A Manhattan"


If you have questions, email, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

The completion of this form is a condition of your acceptance.

* Review the Terms and Conditions HERE for more information about this requirement.