USC Housing Form

'Deposit ID' is the eight (8) digit number found on the third page of your conditional offer letter in the Payment Instruction Section. Be sure to include all zeros at the beginning of the number.

All International Accelerator students are guaranteed housing as part of the program. Living in program housing will enhance your university experience and is mandatory.*


Given the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and the heightened awareness they have brought related students’ health and safety, all students will be placed in YOUnion apartments for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 terms. YOUnion apartments feature private bedrooms with private bathrooms and each kitchen and living area is only shared by two students. These units give students the greatest control over their personal living space.

Please select YOUnion as your preference in the box below.

Your First Preference
Housing Options
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Option C: YOUnion - private room; upscale apartment style; private bathroom
Option C: YOUnion - private room; upscale apartment style; private bathroom - In this community, students will live near campus in an updated, modern two bedroom and two bathroom apartment with another student. Residents, will have private rooms and bathroom and also enjoy exclusive access to a resort-style pool and private fitness center.  YOUnion offers USC Shuttle service around campus and is staffed with USC Resident Mentors (RMs).  

** If you start Spring 21, your housing is only available for Spring and Summer 2021.


  • A Dining option is required for all students.
  • As there is no meal plan offered in the summer, prices listed here reflect that students will not be charged for summer meal plans. Students are responsible to provide their own meals during the summer.
  • Meal plans will include additional "CAROLINA CA$H" according to the plan in effect during that semester. 
  • YOUnion apartments have full kitchens, so students may want to select a plan with fewer meals.
** Pricing doesn't include summer since there are no meal plans available in the summer.

Choose Your Dining Preference
Your First, Second, and Third Preferences
Dinng Options
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Option A: 5 Meals per Week
Option B: 10 Meals per Week
Option C: 14 Meals per Week

The completion of this form is a condition of your acceptance.

You will be notified of your housing placement before arrival.

* Review the Terms and Conditions HERE for more information about this requirement.