Adelphi Housing Form

'Deposit ID' is the eight (8) digit number found on the third page of your conditional offer letter in the Payment Instruction Section. Be sure to include all zeros at the beginning of the number.

Refer to for most up-to-date housing costs. Please note housing is limited and your preference is not guaranteed. Students may need to move housing between semesters. Students who start in the summer will be assigned to Double with AC by default.

If you are a Master’s student studying in Manhattan or Garden City, or a General English student studying in Manhattan, please refer to for booking and most up-to-date costs.

All undergraduate students in the International Undergraduate Programs are guaranteed housing as part of the program. Living in program housing will enhance your university experience and is required* for the duration of your program. Please note that all students who live on-campus will automatically be enrolled in the Gold Dining Plan. More information can be found: Students who qualify for a housing waiver will need to provide a completed Housing Waiver Form and supporting documentations for approval prior to arrival.

Adelphi International seeks your feedback to place you in housing that is the best fit for your needs and lifestyle. Please submit this Housing Preference Form with the other forms sent with your Conditional Acceptance Packet. Please note that we cannot guarantee we will be able to match each student with their preferred housing option.

To complete the form, put “1” next to your first choice for housing type. Put “2” next to your second choice for housing type. Put "3" next to your third choice for housing type. Please note if you do not complete and submit this form, you will be randomly assigned to on-campus housing. **Please only rank your top 3 choices.

Housing Amenities: All housing options are fully furnished and include cable and WiFi access, in-building laundry and kitchen access. All buildings have air-conditioning, but certain room types may come without A/C for a reduced cost.

Dining Plans: Each housing option comes with a corresponding dining plan. Undergraduate students will be assigned the Gold Meal Plan. Undergraduate students living on-campus during the summer semester will be assigned a Summer Meal Plan consisting of a set amount of Panther Dollars to be added to your ID card to purchase meals on campus. Students who live off campus can purchase a commuter meal plan directly from the Meal Plan Office when they arrive to campus.

To learn more about the housing and dining options listed below, please visit our website to see details:

Masters Accelerator students are not eligible to live in on-campus housing. Master’s Accelerator students are expected to find and secure their own off-campus housing prior to arrival. Students can refer to the Off Campus Housing Guide for more information on finding off-campus housing near Adelphi’s Garden City campus. 

Students also have the option to book a room at EHS St. George in Brooklyn Heights by filling out the Off-Campus Housing Preference Form. For questions, please email  

Housing Options Undergraduate
Your First, Second and Third Preferences
Housing Options
International Direct 2 Terms
Academic Accelerator 2 Terms
Extended Accelerator 3 Terms
Academic English
1 Term
Option A: On-Campus
Shared Double Room with A/C:
2 people in 1 room with common hall bathroom.
Option B: On-Campus Large Shared Triple Room with A/C: 
3 people in 1 large room with shared, private bathroom.
Option C: On-Campus Regular Shared Triple with A/C: 
3 people in 1 room with shared, private bathroom.
Option D: On-Campus Double Room, w/out A/C: 
2 people in 1 room with common hall bathroom. Room does NOT include A/C.
Option E: On-Campus Converted Triple Room, w/out A/C: 
3 people in a converted triple room with common hall bathroom. Room does NOT include A/C.

*Please note that costs are accurate at the time of posting. Costs are subject to change. Please visit for the most up-to-date costs.

**Please note that cost shown below is the cost for housing only and does not include the cost of the mandatory dining plan. 

The completion of this form is a condition of your acceptance.

* Review the Terms and Conditions HERE for more information about this requirement.